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ONLY 6 SPOT AVAILABLE  Los Vaqueros is excited to announce that we hosting a Downunder Horsemanship 3-day Fundamentals clinic with one of their top Professional Certified Clinicians, Diego Gaona. The Fundamental series is the first step in learning “ The Method”, which was developed by world renowned Clinton Anderson of
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Ballots were collected and tabulated for the 2017 board. The slate as follows was unanimously approved: President: Wendy Fraze Vice President: KC Huffman Secretary: JoAnn Cecil Treasurer: Kim Voigt Board of Directors: Linda Goldsmith, Shannon Seaman, Gary Fraze. Board Alternates: Donna Samuelson, Kim Delandtsheer
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Reminder for this Sunday’s events; the sorting clinic, which runs from 9:30-12:30 (sign-up @ 8:30) costs $100 per person. This is a separate cost from the sorting jackpot for those of you that are interested. You do not have to sign up for the clinic to enter the jackpot. The
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