All members are expected to follow the Club’s guidelines for use of the arena facilities and demonstrate responsible horsemanship at all Club events. We’re all looking forward to the upcoming year and hope you and your family members will participate in the various Los Vaqueros events.

MEMBERSHIP DUES – please fill out our Los Vaqueros Membership Application  mail in. If you are writing a check please make payable to “Los Vaqueros”, P.O. Box 1784, Big Bear City, CA 92314.


  1. Use of the arena anytime there is not a club event
  2. All club events at club rate.  i.e., (cows, horse shows, playdays)
  3. Membership dues go to keep the club alive and the arena owned. Dues contribute to the property taxes in order for us to keep the arena open and running for the club year after year.

Signup!  We are keeping the Western Heritage Alive in Big Bear!

Los Vaqueros Membership Application

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(There is a $5 fee for using PayPal to pay for your membership.)

Individual Membership
100.00 (+5 fee)

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Junior Membership
$25.00 (+5 fee)

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Couple’s Membership
$175.00 (+5 fee)

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Family Membership
$200.00 (+5 fee)

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