A Letter from the President………….

A Letter from the President

Happy 2017! It has been a crazy winter this year but looks like we are finally coming in to

spring and you know what that means, time to start riding our horses! The new 2017 board has been very busy planning for the upcoming riding season. At our first board meeting in late January we drew up a basic outline of programs and events for this year. In addition, we have also been working on completing any unfinished business from 2016 as well as identifying what improvements, repairs and maintenance that need to be made to the arena and facilities this year. Needless to say it is no small task. We are making

progress but there is still much work to be done. However, at this point, I can tell you we do have our calendar of events completed and although we may not have as many events at the arena as we have in the past, I am pleased to say the ones we have decided on are all high quality events and programs and we sincerely hope our members will be more active than in the past in participating in these programs and events. We need the support of our membership to be able to provide quality programs and events as well as provide a well maintained and professional facility for our members to use.